Ostroy Avocado Zipperless Cycling Jersey Men


No-zip mesh for the hottest days

Made in Italy with premium Italian fabrics
Super lightweight at under 80 grams
Race-cut fit
Longer sleeves
High-tech micro mesh fabric for the hottest days
Ultra lightweight fabric at 85g/m2
Opaque back panel for added sun protection
Anti-sag back pockets
Signature grippers ensure a comfortable fit
Sustainably manufactured, Bluesign® and Oeko-Tex approved

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The Avocado Zipperless jersey is ideal for mixing and matching with colored bibs for your own custom flavor. All the graphics are gold retro-reflective heat transfer, not printed which makes for bold clean graphics.

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Outside GG sticker logo 2022 with wm 5bc50314 0a64 41f4 9fb4Awarded best Gear by Outside Magazine
"Mesh in the front for breathability and solid poly-elastane on the back for sun protection makes this the perfect cycling top. It's almost 100 grams lighter than a traditional jersey and is also more formfitting. Most importantly, no zipper means no weird bulges when you're in the riding position, and a flattering silhouette even with the three pockets fully loaded."
-Outside Gear Guide Summer 2022
The introduction of polyester jerseys in the early ‘80s kicked off a cycling jersey revolution. By replacing the much heavier wool jersey with a lighter synthetic fabric that was also printable the cycling jersey became more colorful and much more comfortable in one stroke. Just a couple of years later it was Greg LeMond that had the idea of making the zippers full zip to allow maximum air cooling on very hot days. Thirty years later, jerseys are still made from synthetic materials.

The latest hi-tech mesh fabrics are extremely light and sweat evaporates from them almost instantly, there is little need to unzip them. So we just ditched the zipper altogether.

A classic wool jersey is about 290 grams, and an early ‘90s synthetic jersey is 170 grams. Our new zipperless mesh jersey weighs about 75 grams almost 100 grams less than a conventional polyester jersey. That’s the difference in weight between a 105 and a dura ace Shimano cassette (which costs over 200 dollars more).

The other big advantage of the zipperless jersey is that all the bunching fabric and stomach bulges are eliminated. The result is a very clean, streamlined fit - even in a cycling position. So, it's less rumpled and more aero.

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