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Who is Biehler?

The Biehler brand is a family-run business that has been around since1993, they are committed to developing the world’s best cycling garments made under the highest social and ecological standards. Based in Germany, 100% of their products are developed and designed in Germany and 95% are produced in their factory in Germany. A small part is produced in proven factories in Portugal and Turkey, which meet their requirements. All products are 100% animal-free


Who is the Cyclopath Cycling Syndicate?

We are a bunch of cycling enthusiasts who appreciates nice bikes, awesome scenic routes, and a very well-made cycling kit. We are also the main distributor for the Biehler brand in Malaysia. 

Can anyone join The Syndicate?

Absolutely, and it doesn’t even matter where you are based, no matter if you live in Malaysia, Thailand, or New Zealand, by ordering your Syndicate Membership bundle you become part of our Global Cycling Club.

What are the benefits of joining the Biehler Cycling Syndicate?

One of the benefits as a Cycling Syndicate member is that you will look amazingly cool and fast in the Syndicate kit. Not enough? Ok, ok, just kidding, not, aside from the wow factor that you get when you roll up in the new swag there are plenty of other benefits, we listed them all here.

What is the benefit in percentages of wearing an aero cycling jersey?

A tight fitting aero cycling jersey manufactured with the right fabrics can lessen the aero-drag with about 6% compared to lose fitting cycling jersey. Add to that the fact also your aero shorts can decrease the drag with more or less 5% and you know aero cycling clothing can have a huge influence on your performance.

What mainly adds to aerodynamic drag of a cyclist?

When talking about aerodynamics, most people will probably think it’s a 50%-50% game, more or less equally divided between the bike and the rider. In reality, though, the bike only account for ¼ or 25% of the aero drag. It is the rider who influences aerodynamics the most. And when we talk about the rider we do not only talk about his body and his position, but we also talk about his cycling clothing and general cycling wear like his helmet, glasses,… Cycling apparel like aero cycling jersey, aero bib shorts and so on are therefore of crucial importance.

cycling jersey

What is aerodynamic drag?

It all starts when you cross the 9 mph (+/- 14 km/h) barrier. As a cyclist you are probably familiar with the wind being an annoying resistance factor. How much we love cycling with the wind instead of facing it. Well, this 9 mph barrier is the moment the wind starts becoming the main resisting force. The more you speed up the more energy will be required to combat this force. This phenomenon is also known as aerodynamic drag. Enhancing your position on the bike and wearing aerodynamic cycling clothing can drastically reduce the aerodynamic drag.

Here are a few interesting scientific studies about aerodynamic drag and aero cycling jerseys on a bike.

In 2011 “An Experimental study of bicycle aerodynamics” was published in “The International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering”. It compares amongst others the huge advantage from an aero perspective between TT bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes. TT bikes for example have 36% less aerodynamic drag than mountain bikes.

An Experimental study of bicycle aerodynamics

Interesting article on the aerodynamics of a cyclist taking into account factors of changing wind etc. Simscale also has the Simscale simulation platform which allows you to make your own aero analysis.

Bike Aerodynamics Simulation – Reducing Cyclist Drag by 30%

Article about the history, state of the art and future perspective of bicycle aerodynamics. Most complete article about this subject we have found on the Internet. Worth reading if you are interested in all the details.

The history, state of the art and future perspective of bicycle aerodynamics


The Technical Collection is our most aerodynamic jersye and bib


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What is the ultimate aero jersey?

The ultimate aero cycling jersey is, in fact, an aero speed suit aka skin suit. Indeed, a one-piece cycling suit which is the perfect reflection of aerodynamics. An Aero speed suit is ideal for time trial racing or classic road racing whereby you want to set a new speed record. It is designed to maximize aerodynamics in the time trial position. Aero speed suits, also called aero race suits, time trial suits or skin suits, have a compression fit and are made of ventilating and elastic fabrics which create the second skin look and feel. Other characteristics of aero speed suits are a golf ball structure and aerodynamic stripes on particular parts of the body to guide the wind with as little resistance as possible over the body. They are often tested in a wind tunnel and sometimes even contain covered zippers. Have a look at our Cycling Syndicate Aero Suit here.