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Dear SYNdicate member,

The SYNdicate is growing, I am excited to announce that starting January 2023, we have an official Biehler reseller in Penang, who is also building the SYN community.

For that reason, I have to run a bit of a “tighter” ship when it comes to memberships. 

Each membership will be valid for 12 months, just like the original membership by Biehler in Germany, the system I am trying to follow.

If your membership has expired in the last few weeks, or if it expires anytime soon, you have the following options

Option 1, Wait until the new SYN membership items arrive by the end of March, then register 🙂 items will then be ordered for you.

Option 2 pre-order the new SYN membership jersey here which will drop at the end of March or early April for, RM 950.00 instead of RM988.00 –  and maintain your membership from now until the end of March 2024, an extended period simply for sticking around and supporting and committing with a pre-order. Thank you. 

If you don’t wish to continue with the Syndicate, no problem, you will still be welcome to our open rides.

There are however just a few things we need to do, in case you do not wish to continue with the SYN. First, opt out of the Strava group, this will help to make it easier for future Strava competitions to have a clean leaderboard, including only active members. 

Secondly, I will also remove you from our mailing list and WhatsApp list. 

Your online membership account will automatically be set to customer’s status and the 10% SYN discount won’t be active anymore. 

I am working on more partnerships that will bring benefits to SYN members like Insurance, and discounts with other partners, those benefits, can’t be used by nonmembers, either. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter, and I am grateful for your support.


Here are the links if you wish to pre-order the 2023 SYN items

Please pre-order, especially if you have special size requirements.

Thank you.


Membership renewal, this is for members whose membership has already expired or expires by end of March,

Jersey Aero & Climber, Pre-order, can be ordered by members with an active membership

Jersey Training, Pre-order, can be ordered by members with an active membership

Bibs, Pre-order, can be ordered by members with an active membership.

All prices are discounted member prices, they will slightly increase once the items are launched.